September 12-16

Morning Drop Off: Keeping the “Kiss and Ride” car loop safe for Studentsschool-bus
Beckett Farm P.S. is a walking school. That means that all families attending the school live within walking distance. Students are always encouraged to walk or ride a bike. If you choose to drive your child, please expect little to no parking spots available on school property.

Drivers, please obey the following rules:

  1. The bus loop is for school busses only and is closed to all cars.

Kiss and Ride drop off area:

  1. Pull your car as far forward in the yellow zone as possible before unloading students.
  2. Students are only permitted to exit from the right side (passenger side) of the car.
  3. Drivers MUST NOT leave their car unattended.dc6o7pmc9
  4. No parking in the Kiss and Ride at any time it is a no parking fire zone.
  5. Once you drop off your child, please follow the flow of cars and do not sit to watch.
  6. Obey teachers and staff on duty, they are there to help you and your children.
  7. If you do not have time to wait in the loop, drop your child off on the side streets so they can walk to school.
  8. If you must leave your car, park a block away and walk in.

We understand that parents are in a rush in the morning, but safety is our first priority. Let’s work together to keep our children safe!

New School Policy on outside food and celebration “loot bags”
In our continued efforts to provide an inclusive and equitable learning environment we will not permit families to bring food or gifts to share with their child’s class while in school.  In addition to the obvious risks of a variety of food allergies, we hope to support all families by recognizing special occasions equitably.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

School Cash Online accountschool-cash-online_full
In June we sent home a notice explaining how you can set up your School Cash Online account. There is a copy of the Parent Registration Form attached to this message. Starting now you will be able to order items such as your child’s agenda and pay for it completely online. To take advantage of this system, you must register using the student number that we have distributed last year. If you are new to our school, please contact the main office for a student number.

As items to purchase have yet to start, we are asking that parents sign up for this service (it is approved by the YRDSB) so that we can process your payments for things like hot lunches, field trips and other school initiatives. In an effort to be eco friendly and paperless, this will be the only way that you can purchase certain items.

Once registered, your child’s account will follow them throughout the YRDSB from grade to grade and from elementary to secondary school.

We are excited to join the many schools in YRDSB providing this heightened level of convenience to our families.

End of day Pick up
Regardless if your child is picked up by parents or caregivers, it is critical that you are on time to meet them. If a primary student is not met by a designated adult they will not be released. Parents will then be called to come to the school. This situation can be very traumatizing for young children and we urge parents to be there on time. When you are late, children can often feel anxious or worried. Also, your child’s teacher’s day ends at 3:40pm and the supervision in the school becomes very limited.  Please remember to be on time.

The City of Markham and Parking by-law violationsbeaf46db0c83e4ba6b112bf3a531dbc5_400x400
Did you know that the City of Markham parking enforcement is enforcing the new Administrative Monetary Penalty System? It is a more efficient way for municipalities to enforce parking by-laws. A Penalty Notice, which is the same as a Parking Ticket, will be issued by enforcement officers for failing to comply with the City’s Parking By-law.  

This means, that Officers may conduct enforcement in Markham school zones by recording the licence plates of vehicles, without stepping out of their vehicle, and mail Penalty Notices to the registered owners of improperly parked vehicles. Individuals that receive a Penalty Notice (regardless of how the Notice is delivered) will be required to pay within 15 days or dispute it by following the instructions on the back of the Notice.
Remember to obey traffic signs on and off school property.  They are there to help keep the streets safe for everyone!

For additional information regarding the City’s AMPS program visit the City’s website or the City’s Parking Administration Office at

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