September 19 – 23

The Value of Being on Time
Learning to be on time is a valuable lesson and priceless life skill. Help your children develop this skill early on in life by stressing the importance of coming to school on time.
One of our goals is for each class/student is to start instruction as close to 9:10 am as possible. In order for this to happen we need to have students at school by 9:10 at the latest. If students miss 5 minutes of instruction each day because of late arrivals that adds up to 900 minutes of instructional time in a year! Coming in late is also very distracting to the other students and the teacher who is ready and eager to start learning. 5 minutes can make a difference. Students are welcome to come to school to play at 8:55 am when adult supervision begins. For safety reasons, please do not drop off or send your children to school prior to 8:55 am.
If your child is late please visit the office for a late slip so that they are properly accounted for.

Safety Week Sept 23rd to 30th
The York Region District School Board is committed to providing safe learning environments for all students.
September 23rd to 30th, 2016, is YRDSB Safety Week. All public elementary and secondary schools across the region will be participating in activities and events around safety at school and in the community. Activities at Beckett Farm P.S will include group and classroom discussions on such topics as fire safety, traffic safety, bullying prevention, and internet safety. In addition, all school staff and students will participate in a Fire Safety drill, Lockdown drill and a Hold and Secure drill.
Lockdown is the most serious level of response, calling for specific actions to be taken immediately.
The ‘Lockdown’ response would be called in the event of an armed intruder entering the school or a similar event of this seriousness. The ‘Lockdown’ alert calls for all students and staff to be secured in a locked classroom, gym or other secure area, to sit on the floor, away from doors and windows, and to await further instructions from the administration or police.

Curriculum Night
Please Join Beckett Farm P.S Staff on Wednesday September 28, from 6:00 – 7:45 pm for our annual Curriculum night.
This evening will be an opportunity for the families of our students to come see our school, visit classrooms and meet the teachers. Teachers are enthusiastically preparing to engage you in the instructional program. You will be able to learn more about our efforts in the areas of mathematics instruction, modern learning strategies as well as mental health and well being initiatives.
Teachers are looking forward to meeting all the parents of their students and as a result will not have the time or privacy to speak about individual student progress. We will have an opportunity to discuss specific students in a more intimate setting; parent teacher interview night later in the year.
We hope you can join us!

Kiss and Ride: drop off and pick up zone
Thank you to all the drivers who help keep our students safe. A reminder to parents, to please only drop students off in the “kiss and ride” car loop. When you are in the loop please pull as far up as possible before you let your children out. This will alleviate the congestion and allow all parents to have a smoother drop off experience. It is also safer if students exit the car on the right side of the vehicle.
Teachers and staff members on duty are only there to keep you and your children safe. Please and follow their direction.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Terry Fox Run
Beckett Farm Public School is taking part in the Terry Fox Run on Thursday, September 29th (rain date will be Friday, September 30th). Please have your child dressed in appropriate running attire and make sure that they bring a bottle of water.
Our goal is to have every child in the school contribute an optional $2.00 toward the Terry Fox Run and a cure for cancer.
We look forward to this meaningful event!

Monday September 26th: PA Day, No classes
On Monday September 26th there will be no classes. Staff will be taking part in their annual health and safety training.

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