December 5-9 Updated

Invest in Education Fundraiser 

Our school has raised almost $5000 through the Invest in Education Fundraiser. All money that is raised goes back into our school to purchase more technology, equipment for physical education, and arts programs. You still have more one week to make your donation! Thank you for all your support.

Kindergarten Winter Concertsnowflake-hi

Kindergarten families are invited to attend our annual Kindergarten Winter Concert on Friday, December 16th at 2:30 p.m. The students have been working very hard to practise for this event and are excited to have their families watch them during their performances. We hope to see you there!

Holiday Heroes

Beckett Farm Public School is partnering up with “Holiday Heroes”,  an organization run by the York Regional Police, to help support children in our community who are in need this winter season.
Families may choose to donate new winter clothing this holiday season. Examples of winter clothing that are in need are:

  • mittens / gloves
  • hats
  • scarves
  • wool socks
  • coats
  • blankets

The drive will begin on Monday, December 5 and run until Friday, December 16. For more information please see the flyer below

Primary Winter Concert

Concert performed by Grades 1 to 3
Wednesday, December 14, 2016
Day performance: 11:30am (doors open at 11:20am)
Evening performance: 6:30pm (doors open at 6:00pm)
More information available in this Downloadable Flyer:

Hour of Code

During the week of December 5-9, 2016, students from K-12 and teachers will be participating in The Hour of Code event using an application of choice. Teachers will be integrating this activity into their regular instructional planning and instructional tasks. If you are curious a list of suggested programs, self guided tutorials and videos can be found on the website.


Over the past few days, media has reported a number of Norovirus-like outbreaks with symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea and nausea. Norovirus, often referred to as the “stomach flu”, is a very contagious viral illness that is usually not severe, comes on quickly and normally resolves in 24 to 48 hours.
To lower the spread of Norovirus within our communities:

  • Anyone experiencing symptoms should continue to stay home for at least 48 hours after symptoms stop
  • Thoroughly wash hands with soap and water, especially after using the toilet or changing diapers and before preparing, handling and eating food
  • Wear gloves when cleaning up vomit or diarrhea. Contaminated surfaces must first be scrubbed using detergent and water and then disinfected. To disinfect a contaminated surface, create a chlorine bleach solution by mixing one cup (250 ml) of bleach in nine cups (2.25L) of water
  • Remove and wash clothes and linens that may be contaminated with vomit or feces
  • Keep sick individuals out of areas where food is being handled or prepared
  • Anyone who is sick should not handle or prepare food for at least 48 hours after symptoms stop
  • Notify the school if you child has a confirmed case of Norovirus


Popcorn Sales

December Popcorn Sale: Our next popcorn sale will be held during the month of December at our Farmers Market.  Butter salt, white cheddar, ketchup, dill pickle, salt and vinegar and low fat caramel are available for $2.00 per bag.

Connected Parenting Presents:

An evening on understanding strategies to connect with our children living with Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
More information below:
ldayr-annual-conference-connected-parenting-strategies-april-26th-20 ldayr-awareness-presentation-flyer-dec-6th-8th-2016

Message From Our Trustee Billy Pang

As we near the end of 2016, I hope everyone has had a great school year so far and found opportunities to get involved with the life of the school.

It is wonderful to have opportunities to see not only what our students are learning, but to see how they are learning – collaborating and problem solving, using technology in exciting new ways, and engaged in hands-on activities.
I want to take this opportunity to thank the dedicated staff members, students, families and community members across our Board.  Thanks to all of the great people we have in our system, we continue to advance student achievement and well-being.
Our Board continues to have a strong commitment to creating welcoming, inclusive learning environments that enable all of our students to thrive. Engaging families in your child’s education and the school community is in an important part of creating that environment.
There are resources for families available on our Board website at, including information on Board programs and supports, and tips for parents to support your child’s learning at home and at school.

Best wishes to everyone for a safe and happy holiday season and a wonderful start to 2017. I hope you are able to enjoy time with family and friends.

Arts Unionville

Attention grade 8 students interested in applying for the Arts Unionville program offered at Unionville High School.
As a reminder the application deadline for a guaranteed audition was December 2nd 2016. However applications will continue to be accepted after this date.
Program information and access to the application can be found on the Arts Unionville website.

Principal’s Tea Starting December 7th

Please join us starting next Wednesday December 7th at 3:00-3:30pm for our Principal’s Tea. This is an opportunity to hear about school happenings, ask questions and network with other parents. We will alternate between mornings and afternoons for the remainder of the school year.

Triple P Parenting Program (available in 中文)

All parents want to do their best when parenting their children.  Triple P stands for “Positive Parenting Program”. It is a system that emphasizes the development of positive attitudes, skills, and behaviour.  This helps prevent problems from arising and fosters family relationships that encourage children to realize their full
potential so they will do well at home, at school, and in the community. This workshop will be presented in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Join us at Beckett Farm for the remaining 2 individual free sessions
Wednesday, December 7 & 14, 2016

Call the office at (289)746-3276, or stop in to register.
Triple-P-Parenting information