December 19-23

Winter Holiday Countdown!images

Beginning Monday December 19, we will have a week of Holiday Countdown activities! Student participation is actively encouraged.

Reminder: Friday December 23, 2016 is a full day of learning for all students. If your child is not planning to attend due to family activities you must let the office know of your absence as per usual routine.

Invest in Education

A big THANK YOU goes out to all the families that donated to the ‘Invest in donation-icon-tealEducation’ fundraiser. We have raised a grand total of $7,005! The students have earned a Pajama, Movie and Freezie Day, which will be rewarded to them in the new year. The school council members have also donated a variety of prizes to thank all the families for their support. There will be a winner from each class and Mr. Matt or Ms. Lam will draw the names of the lucky winner at the assembly this week.

Mr. Sub Lunch

Reminder that there is no Mr. Sub lunch this Friday, December 23rd. If you have mrsubordered subs for your child(ren) please pack them a lunch on this day. Beginning in the new year the vegetarian sub will be vegan. The mayonnaise will be replaced with a sub sauce.

Scholastic Book Fair – Thanks!

unnamedCongratulations and many thanks to our students, families and staff for their support of our winter Scholastic Book Fair. We raised $1200.00 in profit and achieved our goal. As a result, we will be hosting author Eric Walters in May. Eric Walters is a children’s literature hero. He has written over 100 books that appeal to students young and old. Mr. Walters visits schools throughout the year to share his passion of reading and writing. Before becoming an author, Mr. Walters was a teacher and social worker. He wrote his first novel in 1993. He currently has 93 published novels and picture books with an additional 9 under contract. We will be providing our students with a chance to purchase one of his books in the New Year, which he is happy to sign on the day of his visit. Students will also have the chance to join a book club with Ms. Sofos that will investigate one of Mr. Walter’s books. Thanks again for supporting our book fair, which has allowed us this wonderful opportunity.

Cold Weather Preparedness 2530l_25

All students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 are expected to go out for every recess unless the principal or vice-principal decides that weather conditions are so poor that it would be detrimental for students to be outdoors. Students are to come to school ready for winter and prepared to be outdoors up to 40 minutes after lunch. We always monitor the weather and, in extreme conditions e.g. wind chill from below -20; we may keep the students indoors or shorten the recess breaks. Studies show that fresh air and exercise is the best way to keep children well. Please remember to dress your child for outdoor play on a daily basis and assume they will play outdoors.

We sometimes receive requests from parents asking us to keep their children indoors during recess times because they are not feeling well. Unfortunately, we do not have the staff or facilities to supervise students who are sick or still recovering illness. Students with heavy colds, etc., which are serious enough to prevent them from participating in physical education, recesses or other outdoor activities, should remain at home until their condition improves. This will likely benefit the students concerned and prevent the spread of this illness to others.

Please make sure that your children are dressed properly for our invigorating winter days. It is advisable for students to bring extra pants and socks. A change is often necessary due to the wet and cold weather of the winter months. To avoid adding to our clothing collection in the Lost and Found, please be sure to label all articles of clothing. Boots, hats, mitts/gloves, scarves, and snow pants for the younger children will help make recess an enjoyable time.