March 6-10

Message from Our Trustee Billy Pang

With spring approaching and the hours of daylight increasing, now is a good time to enjoy the outdoors and our natural environment. Did you know that our Board has five outdoor education centres, and students have opportunities to visit them and other outdoor learning spaces throughout their schooling? This is part of our commitment to giving students an opportunity to learn in and about the natural world. This learning supports students in gaining a deeper appreciation for nature and the importance of environmental sustainability.

“Modelling continuous environmental sustainability” is one of the goals outlined in our Board of Trustees’ Multi-Year Plan. We believe that we all have a role to play in reducing waste and protecting our environment. Our students, staff members and families continue to show leadership when it comes to supporting student learning and initiatives to reduce our ecological footprint.

Spending time outside as a family also provides a great opportunity to support and enhance your child’s learning outside of school. Whether visiting a park or museum, reading with your child in your home language or asking questions about their day at school – know that there are many ways you can support their education and that you are making a difference.

I hope you all have a happy and safe March Break and enjoy the warmer weather ahead.

The Student Council Presents: Beckett Spirit Week!

From March 7th to March 10th! Show some school spirit!


 The Big Crunchurl

March is Nutrition Month and it’s time for the Great Big Crunch! On Thursday, March 9th @ 10:45AM, staff and students at Beckett Farm will participate in this annual coast to coast moment where everyone will bite into a crunchy, fresh apple in unison. What a wonderful way to celebrate healthy eating together! Visit: for more information.

Sign Language Clubpaulbelmontebsl

Every Tuesday morning recess: Learn another language to communicate. Regional hard of hearing Teacher Mrs. Lockhart Menzies and Educational Assistant Mrs. Leechan will be teaching students who are interested in learning sign language.

Parents for Children’s Mental Health

Starting Monday, March 13, 2017

Parents’ Support Group Does your child’s anxiety, ADHD, mood disorders, learning disability, or behaviour challenges make parenting difficult?screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-11-44-10-am

Benefits of PCMH Support Group:

  • meet other parents with children who have similar challenges
  • find encouragement and emotional support
  • learn strategies to help your child or youth at home/school
  • learn how to access resources in the community

For more information please see Workshop Flyer PDF